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about Shiraz Cats

  about Shiraz   Cats

     Information about Shirazi Cats Written by Rand Al-Saleh - Last Updated: 09:45, January 30, 2017 Related Information about Himalayan Cats Specifications of Shirazi Cats Contents 1 Shirazi Cats 1.1 The Origin of Shirazi Cats 1.2 Types  1.3 Characteristics of Shirazi cats 1.4 Ways of caring for Shirazi cats Cats of Shirazi Cats belong to the feline family of mammals, which are many types, and from pets that live in the environment surrounding humans, and many people prefer to raise them at home as pets, and from  The types of cats that people usually raise at home are Siamese cats, Shirazi cats, Ethiopian cats, and American short-haired cats.  For cleanliness, beauty and ease of handling.  The origin of the Shirazi cats The Shirazi cats are known as beautiful cats, and are distinguished by their soft, long and thick hair, and their origin goes back to Iran, or what is known as Persia.  So it is sometimes called the Persian cats, and it was introduced to Italy at the end of the eighteenth century by an Italian explorer, and a century later;  That is, around the end of the nineteenth century, this species was known in the continent of Europe and spread.  Types of Shirazi cats for Shirazi cats are many types, including: the Moon Face, the Himalayas resulting from mating the Siamese with the Shirazi for several generations, the Peky Face, in which the nose is at the level of the eyes, and the Huff Peki resulting from the mating of the Moon Face type with the Picky Face type.  Characteristics of Shirazi cats Shirazi cats are considered friendly and beloved cats in families, with a calm nature.  They are one of the calmest types of cats, and they have a moderate temperament, and they are non-aggressive cats, and their paws do not come out except rarely, and they like to sleep and stagnate for long periods, and their sleep time is up to 16 hours a day, in addition to being fun, playful, entertaining, and clean cats.  The length of Shirazi cats reaches about 60 cm, and weighs about 4.5 kg, and their average age is about twenty years, and the Shirazi cats have a soft fur with long hair and very dense, and its density increases at the shoulders and neck, and has multiple colors, such as: white, black, and smoky,  Each color forms a different breed from the other, but the eyes of Shirazi cats are large and beautiful, shiny, and round, and their face is round, and their eyes are sometimes the same color as their fur, and their ears are short, and their feet are short covered with fur, and their bone is thick, their nose is not protruding from the face, and their tail  Short and thick hair.  Ways to take care of Shirazi cats When owning a Shirazi cat at home, he must take care of his psychological health and not neglect him, feed him and pamper him, and treat him as a member of the house, and his cleanliness must be maintained, accustom him to bathing at least once a month, and cleaning his body, ears, and hair.  To protect him from parasites and small insects, constantly combing his hair;  To remove knots and tangles, and dead hair from it, in addition to periodically grafting, and regularly inspecting it;  To ensure the safety of its health.  Was the article helpful?  Yes No

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